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Bite Into Bliss - California Giant Berry Farms

This summer, bite into bliss with fresh berries from California Giant Berry Farms.

From the pool to the grill, fresh berries are the ultimate summer ingredient. Berries are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and mouthwatering flavor – a proven blissful combination.

During the month of July, enter to win a themed prize pack each week throughout the Bite Into Bliss promotion!

Enter to Win

Fire Up The Grill

From July 1-9, enjoy fresh meals, hot off the grill with this prize pack:

  • Charcoal Cube Grill
  • $50 Williams Sonoma Gift Card
  • 4 Coupons for FREE California Giant berries

Keep Berry Cool

From July 10-16, take a break from the summer heat with prizes made to keep you cool:

  • Insulated Ice Cream Tub & Ice Cream Maker
  • $50 Instacart gift card
  • 4 Coupons for FREE California Giant berries

Make a Splash

From July 17-23, find poolside bliss and make a splash with these BIG prizes:

  • Kitchenaid Blender & Acrylic Glassware
  • $50 Williams Sonoma Gift Card
  • 4 Coupons for FREE California Giant berries

Take a Bite

From July 24-31, bite into berry bliss with your chance to WIN this prize pack:

  • Olivewood & White Marble Cheeseboard with Knives
  • $50 Sur La Table gift card
  • 4 Coupons for FREE California Giant berries

Keep Berry Cool

Help your berries stay fresh by keeping them cool!

  • Store berries in the refrigerator in their original packaging. Berries stay freshest when kept at approximately 34 degrees.
  • Just before eating, rinse berries in cool water and gently pat dry. Enjoy!



Make a Splash

Hydration is important – especially during the hot summer months! According to a Harvard Study, a daily four-to-six cup rule is standard for generally healthy people.

The benefits to staying hydrated include:

  • Aiding digestion
  • Protecting organs and tissues
  • Regulating body temperature

Berries alone are great for hydration as they contain over 85% water! To help encourage water intake this summer, keep a pitcher of berry-infused water in the fridge to make staying hydrated more exciting. Also, check out our Cool Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer to ensure proper water intake all summer long!

Take a Bite

Grab a boost of blue with fresh California Giant Berry Farms blueberries!

Did You Know? Blueberries are as healthy as they are snackable! They are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins C & K, and fiber. In fact, just one serving of blueberries (about one cup) has more antioxidants per serving than an apple

Take a bite of these berry recipes that are perfect for poolside or backyard entertaining: