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Vote for Strawberry or Blueberry... and you could win 1 of 7 prizes!May the best berry WIN!


Our Red State or Blue State Sweepstakes has come to an end and the polls are in. So who's it going to be? Take a look at the map below to find out if Strawberry or Blueberrywon the 2016 Presidential Election and if your state is red or blue - looks like all but three states voted #StrawberryforPresident!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined our political party by voting for either Strawberry or Blueberry - it has been such a tight and tasty race! Be sure to keep up with Strawberry's latest work by clicking here and keep an eye on your inbox to find out if you've won 1 of the following 7 prizes!

  • A $500 Visa gift card,
  • a $250 Visa gift card,
  • or 1 of 5 $100 Visa gift cards!

Is your state RED or BLUE?




For a list of prizes and more details, please read the official rules and regulations.